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Meet Malka Schulman, CTACC

Malka Schulman, CTACC, was born and educated in New York City at Hunter College and Rika Breuer Teachers Seminary; her studies in psychology and education earned her two teaching degrees. Malka practices from Toronto, in-person and by telephone, as a certified Relational Coach and lecturer.

She developed Dating 4 Marriage Action Cards, culled from literature, research and the author's real-life...


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My Dear Friend and Inspired Dater!

Are you struggling with:

  • Frustration because you’re doing everything right, but don’t have clear and easy access to qualified, marriageable and compatible dating prospects?

  •  Self-doubt because it seems that everyone else is getting married while you’re not getting results from your dating efforts?

  • Confusion because you lack the clarity, focus and confidence that comes from having a step-by step dating action plan?

  • Disappointment because you’re not dating a marriage candidate long enough to develop respect, attraction, trust and emotional intimacy with them?

  •  Insecurity about your relationship with your dating partner because you can’t fearlessly and passionately commit to marriage?

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